3 August 2015

Learning Mandarin Chinese: 10 cultural do’s and don’ts

Become a local laowai

More and more people are taking up the challenge of Learning Mandarin Chinese of late and learning the language has become one of the most popular things to do in the world today!

The reasons for such study may be for career advancement, to challenge one’s abilities or simply as you enjoy the sounds and rhythm of the language—it’s really up to the individual. As you’d expect, the ways to learn the language can vary and may include on-line learning, in classes or via one-to-one tuition.

From our side, as part of our continuing efforts to help you learn better Mandarin Chinese, we devised the attached Infographic which is a great way to start learning aspects of Mandarin related to Chinese culture and provide you with some important do’s and don’ts.

In our view, it’s well worth learning something about Chinese culture if you are really serious about learning Mandarin Chinese. If you take some time to find out about the best ways to learn Chinese, you’ll see that understanding cultural issues will almost certainly give you a greater insight into the language.

After reading through our Infographic, you may want to get some more great tips about how to speak Chinese or advice from others in a similar situation to you.

If you have fun speaking Chinese, you’ll learn well—and then might be surprised at how quickly you start to become fluent Mandarin Chinese once you get going!

Become a local laowai