15 September 2014

HSKTests courses

HSK Chinese courses

Do you need help to prepare your HSK exams? If our Chinese HSK apps aren't enough for you, HSKtests.com can help you. They bring to you some free Chinese learning resources focused in the HSK vocabulary, as our apps do. Even if you need more resources, they also offer HSK courses to help you to find the optimal strategy to practice and learn at the same time. 

The HSKTests site is hosted by Quinn Cash, a Chinese-English translator that successfully completed all the HSK levels in 2007. He published some Chinese guides in the United States and Taiwan. Another member of the team is Heng Yen, a Chinese native teacher. He also works as tour guide in Taiwan.

Try their HSK test mini course and get some free practice tests. This free course covers 5-day course of vocabulary, grammar, reading and more Chinese resources.