2 July 2014

International House Xi’an school

International House Xi’an

Chinese HSK Blog has been kind enough to share the amazing HSK app with us and our students. We love it! Now HSK Blog has asked us to tell them a little bit about our school. International House Xi’an is the premier language learning center in Xi’an, China. We teach many languages including Arabic, German, English, French, Korean, Spanish and of course Chinese. We love languages, coffee, tea, dumplings and just about anything else. Our team is our family and we have people with unique backgrounds and world views.

Xi'an, China

Our school is based in the ancient city of Xi'an. We love Xi'an and think that you should too. It was the seat of the Chinese emperor for 2,000 year and has all the historical character to show. Xi'an was probably the first true metropolitan city in the world. There was a mix of religious elements dating back over a thousand years. It was important as the ancient center of Islam, Buddhism and Christianity in China. We can still see the remnants of this in the ancient Christian steeles, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Great Mosque of Xi'an. Today Xi'an is a vibrant where it is possible to fully immerse yourself in Chinese and also have the comforts of a big city. For example coffee and western food is available. There are over 100 universities in Xi'an, this means finding language partners is quite easy. You can also use Live It China to help find language partners.

Learning Chinese

If you want to learn Chinese please get in touch we would love to help you out. We offer Chinese language courses that can be tailored to your needs. Our teachers are all experienced and have qualifications for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In fact this summer we will partner with Xi'an FanYi University, Xijing University, Xi'an Peihua University several other universities to train Chinese language teachers to work abroad with our partner schools. If you want more information please check out or website and blog.

Jobs and Internships

We always love to hear from talented individuals that have an interest in working and learning in China. Our employee benefits include Chinese language training, accommodation, travel card and more. If interested get in touch with us aaron@ihxian.com