14 May 2014

Chinese app for tablet

Chinese app for tablet

If you are studying Chinese or you want to do it, now you can download on your tablet any of the Chinese HSK apps

All the HSK level apps are now fully adapted for 7" and 10" tablets. Even the special apps Classifiers and Numbers are updated for your tablet. Don't wait more time, download the free version of any of our apps and get the complete HSK dictionary, two full games and some free Chinese lessons. 

Pro version will allow you to play five more games, get the full vocabulary list and much more. We support your native language, so apps are available in six language: English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. There is no reason to study only with paper, your smartphone and tablet are a great tools to learn while you are playing. You will be able to check your progress on each level, and a list of achievements are wating to be unlocked. 

 Listen, pronounce, write, speak, play and learn Chinese.

 Donwload Chinese HSK apps