20 January 2014

How to write Chinese on Android

Do you want to write Chinese characters on your Android smartphone or tablet? We show you how to write in any application of your device.

The first step is to download and install the app Google Pinyin Input from GooglePlay Marketplace. Once installed, we configure system input method settings. Go to your device settings, and find the option Language and input. Here you can configure the language and the keyboard to use. Choose Google Pinyin Input as default keyboard. You must select it on the list and inside the Default option menu. If you want customize the keyboard, you can press the configuration button on the right of Google Pinyin Input. The keyboard is ready for use.

Now, in any application, the Google Pinyin Input keyboard will appear by default. This keyboard is very easy to use. Push the 中 option above (by default it is configured to write English) and start to write the pinyin. The hanzi characters will appear over the keyboard to be selected.

But there the more different ways to input Chinese text. The next two keyboards are pretty good tools to practice Chinese writing. Push again the 中 button, and select the third keyboard. This one allow you to write hanzi by selecting the strokes to conform the Chinese character. A good tool to learn the main strokes. The last one is a free writing stroke tool. Write the strokes with your finger, and the system will show the recognized hanzi.

Look at this videos to see how it works.