8 January 2014

Grammar: Sentence with serial verbs

This type of sentences that combine two verbs are used to express the purpose of an action, the way that the action is permored or the instrument with which the action is performed.

Affirmative Sentence
subject + verb 1 + object 1 + verb 2 + object 2

wǒ qù shāngdiàn mǎi dōngxi
I went to the store to buy things

wǒ yòng kuàizi chīfàn
I eat with chopsticks

Negative sentence
subject + negation + verb 1object 1 + verb 2 + object 2

wǒ bù zuò dìtiě qù shàngbān
I do not take the subway to go to work

tā méi lái běijīng xuéxí hànyǔ
He will not come to Beijing to study Chinese