28 January 2014

Chinese Dictionary

The Chinese Dictionary application offers you more than 100.000 translated words. A full Chinese dictionary with a very powerful search: find words by 汉字, Pinyin (with and without tones) or English. You can even search results with your voice, either in Chinese or English.

Chinese Dictionary + Lessons + Game 

But it isn't a simple dictionary. It also offers more than 70 Chinese lessons, and every week new lessons arrive directly to you device. Keep learning!

Do you want to practice playing? Let's play with more than 100.000 words, great challenge is waiting to you. 

Search, find, listen, speak, play, share and learn everywhere. It isn't a simple dictionary, it is your Chinese Learning Book.


  • More than 100,000 characters and phrases 
  • Audio pronunciation in all words (TTSpeach)
  • Voice recognition (Chinese and English)
  • Simplified and Traditional Characters 
  • Bookmark and save your characters 
  • Powerful search by 汉字, Pinyin or English
  • More than 70 lessons, new lessons every week!
  • Game with more than 100,000 challenges 
  • Real time Search as you type 
  • Powered by CE-DICT database
  • Powered by iSpeech
  • Very easy to use 

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