20 December 2013

Time order

In the Chinese language is very important to express the time in the following order: from highest to lowest. When a time reference is made, for example a date in a month, day and hour in a day, or any other time reference, we must always begin with the highest time reference and end with the most concrete.

Date: year + month + day
2014 nián 4 yuè 25 hào
April 25, 2014

More examples:
day + hour
jīntiān 7 diǎn 10 fěnzhōng
Today 7:10

(part of the) day + hour + minutes
wǎnshang 9 diǎn 45 fēnzhōng
Tonight 9:45

week + (part of the) day + hour
xià gè xīngqíwǔ zǎoshang 8 diǎn
Next Friday morning at 8:00