10 November 2013

Tips for bargaining in China markets

Have you ever been in a Chinese market? If not, you will be surprised to know that one of the favorite sports of the Chinese people is bargaining. Chinese merchants and artisans will greet initiating the negotiation of that object you are interested in. And the first price will be always outrageous. Do you want some advices?

  • The first offer will be very high, possibly 7-10 times the purchase value of the object
  • Never start a negotiation if you have no intention to buy the item, you can offend the seller
  • You should think how much do you want to pay for the item, then start the negotiation with half of this price or even a lower offer
  • Once you reach your final price, tell to the seller that's your final price
  • A good trading strategy if you do not want to exceed over your price is to say we're going to buy it on another store and start walking away. If the seller is willing to sell for that price, he will accept the price inmediatly
  • Speak Chinese helps to get a better prices. Better if we are accompanied by a native.
  • It is recommended to check average item prices in these markets. There are websites or applications like this that give us a reference price .

And finally a video to see how a negotiation works in China.