4 November 2013

How to write Chinese on your computer

There are different ways to write Chinese characters with our personal computer. We will explain two simple configuration methods, choose the most indicated to you.

First we need to install this package on our computer, it is mandatory to use Windows operating system. Once installed, we can write Chinese characters in any application (Word, Excel, etc). The language bar will provide access to writing mode in CH Chinese easily and quickly. 

The disadvantage of this method is that we can only use it within Windows operating systems.

This Chrome extension adds an icon on the top-right corner that gives access to Chinese writing with two clicks. No installation is required in our system, it fits perfectly in Chrome web browser, and it will synchronize with our Chrome session for use it on any computer. 


The limitations of this method is that we can write Chinese characters within the browser, system applications will not have this functionality. However, we can use web browser tools as Google Docs to write Chinese texts. We can use this extension on any operating system that has Google Chrome web browser available.