28 October 2013

Positive-negative questions

In Chinese there is a particular way of asking questions in which the answer must be positive or negative, a simple yes or no. It makes use of the negative particle  (bù) and performs a repetition of the verb.

subject + verb +  + verb + object

Nǐmen shì bùshì wǒ de tóngxué?
Are you my classmates?

Míngtiān nǐ qù bù qù?
Are you going tomorrow?

Pay attention to verbs composed of more than one character, because in the first iteration only the first character is used.

Nǐ xǐ bù xǐhuan chī zhōngguó cài?
Do you like Chinese food?

As we learned in the use of creating negative sentences, when we use the verb  (yǒu) must use (méi) instead of (bù).

Nǐ yǒu méiyǒu zhòng wén shū?
Do you have Chinese book?