23 October 2013

Chinese negative sentence

The usual way to build a negative sentences from affirmative is using the character (bù). This character is placed just before the verb to make it negative.

subject +  + verb

Wǒ bù jiào dà wèi
I'm not called David

Wǒmen bùshì zhōngguó rén
We are not Chinese people

Wǒ bù gōngzuò
I do not work

But there are exceptions, in which instead of using the character  is used the character  (méi). Most of this situations are when we want to negate the verb  (yǒu).

subject + 没有 + object

Wǒ méiyǒu zhè běn shū
I do not have this book

Wǒ méiyǒu qìchē
I have no car

In what situations we will use instead of ?
- In the negation of the verb (yǒu)
- In the negation of actions that occurred in the past
- To make comparisons "not as ... as"