18 September 2013

Chinese HSK Numbers

The Chinese HSK Numbers application will allow you to easily and interactively dominate the vocabulary around the Chinese numbers. A full dictionary with lots of resources and games. This app is the best tool to practice and learn Chinese with your smartphone or tablet.

Chinese numbers Chinese numbers

Dictionary and lessons
The application brings you a comprehensive list of sentences and expressions spread over 6 everyday topics. Chinese lessons and vocabulary games will help you to learn.

Chinese numbersChinese numbersChinese numbersChinese numbers

Games and resources
With Chinese HSK you can listen, speak, write and play everywhere. There are +500 challenges across 7 complete different games. Test your knowledge, and dominate the Chinese numbers.

Chinese numbersChinese numbersChinese numbersChinese numbers

Available in six languages
Don't worry if you aren't comfortable studying in English, because the app is available in six languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. 
Chinese is not an easy language, so practice every day, check your learning progress and express yourself!

  • Dictionary with the 92 number words
  • Simplified and Traditional hanzi characters
  • Save your words in your starred list
  • Search words by meaning, hanzi or pinyin
  • Voice search (Chinese and English, requires internet connection)
  • 57 sentences and expressions spread over 6 everyday topics
  • Chinese lessons (only in English, requires internet connection)
  • 7 different games
  • 24 achievements
  • +500 challenges
  • Chinese stroke order
  • Hanzi color tones
  • All audio content is recorded by a Chinese native
  • Possibility to record your own audio pronunciation
  • Voice Recognition (requires internet connection)
  • Real-time learning stats
  • Check your mistakes
  • Adapted for smartphone and tablet
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

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